Ms. Judd, Math Coach


Everyday Math is a comprehensive program designed to emphasize conceptual understanding while building mastery of basic skills.  This program explores a broad mathematical spectrum, not just basic arithmetic.

Connected Math  is a problem centered program designed to help students and teachers develop mathematical knowledge, understanding, and skill, as well as awareness and appreciation of the rich connections among mathematical strands and between other disciplines.

Because the two programs have an entirely different approach, H.A.S. has adopted a new approach for mastering the core skills for each grade level.  Our goal is to bridge the gap.

cpHawthorne Ave. School Curriculum Mapping – At the close of December, 2010, and in an effort to strengthen students’ mathematical foundational skills, H.A.S. created a curriculum map specific to the needs of the students of Hawthorne. Many students were coming to each grade level mathematically deficient. The map was the result of teacher/administrator collaboration and planning. Using the NJCCCS, Common Core Standards, Learnia Assessment data, and teacher-created assessments, the H.A.S. Curriculum Map seeks to catch students up on the prerequisite skills necessary to achieve grade-level mastery, while moving them into and above the grade-level expectations.