History of Dr. William H. Horton School

oldschool The Dr. William H. Horton School is one of the most densely populated schools in the North Ward.  Its students are serviced by 116 staff members, 65 of whom are part of the instructional staff and all of whom are committed to the belief that our students are the world’s greatest.  The New Jersey Core Curriculum Content Standards driven instructional program is intensive and designed to challenge and stimulate the whole child.

To manage such a large and diverse age range of students the Dr. William H. Horton School has programs for students in grades K-8.  Dr. Horton’s programs seek to create a developmentally appropriated setting where children are able to grow academically, socially, and emotionally.  Some of our programs include the Children’s Literacy Initiative for the Primary program, and total inclusion for all grades. We offer bi-lingual classes for every grade level.  To monitor student achievement the administrative team has grade level meetings with teachers every week as well as cross grade-level partnerships for planning and accountability.  These programs truly make the Dr. William H. Horton School an institution of excellence.

To prepare its students for the future, the Dr. William H. Horton School  integrates technology into our educational programs.  The school has been outfitted with two to four computers for every classroom and state-of-the-art technology center to service the distinct educational program in the school.

Dr. William H. Horton School seeks to accelerate instruction and provide powerful learning experiences for every child who enters the school.  This is a perfect fit for the Dr. William H. Horton School, as it exemplifies all of the values that the school strives to achieve.

Parents are proud to have their children attend Dr. Horton because of its dedicated and welcoming environment. Come to Dr. William H. Horton School on any day and you will find a school truly preparing its students to meet the needs of the 21st century within the community and world wide.