Health Office

Hi! My name is Dr. Denise Long, CSN, ND and I am the School Nurse for Rafael Hernandez. I am a Certified School Nurse (CSN) and  Naturopathic Doctor (ND). I have been an RN for 35 years, having experience working in intensive care units across the country, psychiatric units with children and adults, home health, teaching, and nursing management. I have been a Naturopathic Doctor for over 10 years, having gone to medical school in Arizona, and I have a private practice.

The phone number to the office is 973-350-5808. The fax number for Rafael Hernandez is 973-497-5703, in the Main Office.

Health Screens
The School Nurse has many functions in the office. The Nurse triages emergencies both physical and psychiatric – in children and staff. Triage means that the Nurse decides which is the most important injury or illness, and takes care of that first, like the emergency room does. The School Nurse’s primary function is to health screen all of the children in the school yearly. All children are to have their blood pressure checked, their height and weight checked, and their teeth checked by the School Nurse. At different grades, we also check vision and hearing, and every other after age 11, we check for scoliosis. Scoliosis checks are with clothes ON. There is no disrobing at NPS. If there are any problems, I will send home a note with your child, or call your home to discuss the situation with you. A health screen takes approximately 10 minutes if within normal limits, longer if I have to refer your child to a private doctor or dentist.

School Doctor Physical
If you have consented, children are scheduled to see the School Doctor for a limited physical examination. We have the services of Dr. Amin, a local Pediatric Oncologist. Dr. Amin comes to see children for an hour on Tuesdays at 9am. If a parent or guardian wishes to come to the visit, you are always welcome to come to ask questions. The physical exam itself is conducted with clothes-on and the School Nurse is in the room. The Doctor checks the child’s eyes, mouth and throat, ears, listens to the chest and belly, and checks for scoliosis. The whole exam is very brief and the Nurse shares any pertinent known medical information. At times, the Doctor makes a referral to a private doctor in the community and The Nurse writes the note to be brought home or calls home if needed.

Office Management
Rafael Hernandez is an exceedingly busy Health Office. We see approximately 40 to 70 children daily in the office. Because of this volume, we occasionally have extra nurses (itinerant). With this volume, if a child is  avoiding class with frequency, expect a call in order to problem solve.

Ms. Adama is a Nurse’s Aide who assists children in the Health Office, especially some of our medically fragile children. She greets visitors in the waiting area.

Private Doctor Physicals
All children new to the school need a physical exam from a doctor (MD, DO, or Nurse Practitioner) within 60 days of entering school. A parent can elect to have the School Doctor see the child. However, if you have a private practitioner you would prefer to use, please feel free to download the Newark Board of Education physician form to be completed. Along with the form is a Questionnaire that the parent is to complete asking questions about the child’s health. The Physician form needs to be completed in its entirety by your private practitioner and brought back to the School Nurse. The School Doctor signs off on it.

Sports Physicals
All children involved in an after-school sports program need to have completed a physical YEARLY. The physical includes the 2 page parent questionnaire. If the child will be involved in more than one sport per year, the parent only need complete another questionnaire stating any changes that may have occurred, eg, had allergies, had a sore throat and took antibiotics, etc. If the child has incurred an injury that required being kept out of the gym, then the child will need a new physical or doctor note stating that he/she is fit for the next sport.