Room 301

My name is Lucille Villaplana an early childhood teacher for 11 years. I am a bilingual (Spanish/English), and I teach using both languages. I was born to teach. I believe learning should be fun and I am committed to helping children learn. My instruction (teaching) focusses on awareness in different cultures and needs of each child. Working with the families is an important first step in helping children accept, and understand and value their rich and varied world. The children are able to understand and respect similarities and differences during classroom activities. They learn to get along with children of all cultures, races and religions. Most important they learn love and acceptance.
My classroom is diverse as it has:
• Library with different books about races and cultures.
• Pictures of different races and cultures.
• Pictures of multicultural children.
• Read aloud using diverse books.
• Discussions of different Holidays (Christmas, Hanukah, Kwanza,etc.)
• Community board with family pictures.

Lucille Villaplana, Pre-K4 Teacher (301)