Procedures and Information


  • 21ST CENTURY PROGRAM:  Days and times vary by school.  Program typically runs Monday – Friday ending 3 hours following school dismissal.
  • REGISTRATION:  Each student must be registered prior to starting the afterschool program.  Lead Teachers must be notified immediately of any changes in your address or phone numbers.  
  • PROGRAM CLOSING:  The program is NOT provided on snow days or early release days.  If school is released early due to inclement weather or emergency conditions, the program will NOT run.  Afterschool programs will operate as scheduled on days when school begins with a delay.  Afterschool programs do not run on school holidays or teacher in-service days.  
  • HOMEWORK:  Students will have time to complete their homework, which includes assistance from NPS staff.  
  • PICK UP PROCEDURES:  All students must be signed out by their parent/guardian.  Included in the application is a section asking for authorized persons able to pick-up your child.  If you wish for someone not listed on your application to pick-up your child, you must inform the Lead Teacher in writing or via telephone.  Lead teachers must be informed of anyone legally prohibited from picking up your child, please include court documents.   
  • LATE PICK UP:  Students picked up late more than three (3) times will be dismissed from the program.  For this reason, it is important that parents do not pick-up their children late except for emergencies.  You must call the school to report an emergency which will cause a late pick up.  ALL students must be picked-up prior to when your school’s program ends.  
  • CELL PHONE:  Cell/Camera phones are prohibited from use in all indoor and outdoor areas.  Video recording devices are prohibited from use in all indoor and outdoor areas during the afterschool program.  
  • PROGRAM COST:  The 21st Century Community Learning Center program is free to all registered students.  Students who are absent more than three (3) times in one (1) month will be dismissed from the program to allow students on the waiting list to participate.