History of Program Evaluation

History of Program Evaluation in ELT:

In March of 2014, the Office of Expanded Learning Time (OELT) partnered with NJSACC: The Statewide Afterschool Network to provide technical assistance, professional development, data collection and evaluation to all district after school and summer programs, with grant funding provided by the Foundation for Newark’s Future, Inc. and the Ford Foundation. The grant funds covered March 1, 2014 through September 2015.

The OELT and NJSACC developed a 3-part data collection and evaluation project focused on continuous program satisfaction and quality. Program satisfaction is gathered through the surveying of student participants, participant’s families, program staff and the school principal using both the After School Quality (ASQ) and the Survey of Afterschool Youth Outcomes (SAYO) tools created by the National Institute of Out of School Time (NIOST). These tools assess continuous program improvement through stakeholder perceptions of the quality of NPS’ afterschool and summer programming. Program quality is assessed utilizing the NJ Quality Standards for Afterschool (NJQSA) and assessment tool. Through a unique partnership with the United Way of Essex and West Hudson and The Victoria Foundation (partnership established through the Newark Summer Learning Workgroup that NJSACC was a member of), a “hybrid” summer program assessment tool was developed using the NJQSA and the National Summer Learning Association’s Comprehensive Assessment of Summer Programming (CASP) to measure performance domains linked to high quality summer programming, during NPS’ Summer Plus program.

Following the end of the Foundation for Newark’s Future grant in September 2015, Newark Public Schools contracted with NJSACC to continue the implementation of the Data Collection and Evaluation project into the current school year. Each year’s data results are used to inform the next year’s programming.

Data Collection Over the Years:

The chart below outlines the number of stakeholder surveys and assessment tools collected throughout the project.

Academic YearAY 13-14Summer Plus 2014AY 14-15Summer Plus 2015AY 15-16
# of Sites810221133
Surveys Received Pre/PostPre/Post
Total Surveys Collected136390388/24814442249/1653
Assessment ToolN/A6N/A1842684
Evaluation Reports: (hyperlinks coming soon)
  • Academic Year 13-14
  • Summer Plus 2014
  • Academic year 14-15
  • Summer Plus 2015
  • Academic Year 15-16
  • Summer Plus 2016