Elementary Sports League (ESL) Updates:

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Facts everyone should know and remember:

 The coach that receives two technical fouls during a game will be suspended from that game. The coach will also receive a penalty of a two-game suspension with his / her pay being prorated accordingly.

  1. A student that receives two technical fouls during a game will be suspended from the game. The student will also not be permitted to play in his / her next game.
  2. Regulation games will be 4 (6 min Quarters)
  3. Halftime will be a ten minute duration when feasible!
  4. During games, if a team has a twenty point lead then the clock goes to running time and will only stop for timeouts. Normal time settings will resume if the team losses the 20 point lead. This is to prevent student embarrassment.
  5. The coaches, cheerleader advisors, volunteers, players and cheerleaders are the ONLY INDIVIDUALS ALLOWED on the bus.
  6. The coaches and cheerleader advisors must accompany their teams on the bus TO THE GAME AND FROM THE GAME.
  7. Coaches must have the Student Information forms with them at all times in the event of an emergency.
  8. Please remember to use your parent sign-outs; you should know where your students are at all times!

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Coaches Packet:

  1. Elementary Sports League  Guidelines
  2. Principal Verification (Basketball)
  3. Principal Verification (Cheer-leading)
  4. Practice and Study Hall Log
  5. Instructional Practice and Study Hall Schedule
  6. Coaches Application
  7. Volunteer Registration


Student Packet:

  1. Download all forms (click here)
  2. Sportsmanship Statement (download here)