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In-School Bowling is a program designed to introduce children to bowling in the classroom or gym. BPAA provides teachers with a free step-by-step curriculum and instructional video that explains the fundamentals of bowling along with etiquette, safety, scoring and fitness activities.  In addition, the curriculum includes lessons that reinforce math, language arts, social studies, problem solving, geography, computer skills and more. The In-School Bowling program is ideal for students in grades 3-8. With some modification, it can also be used for K-2nd grade students as well as high school students.

The objectives of the In-School Bowling Program are to:
1. Introduce thousands of kids to bowling as a lifetime sport.
2. Provide free materials to teachers to teach bowling.
3. Give students the means to visit a bowling center.
4. Increase youth leagues, birthday parties, and other youth events.
5. Turn youth bowlers into lifetime bowlers.

Click here to download the scoring sheet!

TLWBAT demonstrate the proper approach which includes walking and preparing to release ball in an underhand motion before reaching the foul line whilst working in groups and or/partners during the activity, “Let’s Go For A Stroll.”  Click here to see the activity!