Afterschool Excel


The Newark Board of Education after-school EXCEL Program operates in 39 elementary schools. The after-school program includes a nutritious meal, homework assistance, along with STEAM and Physical Education based programming for students in grades 3-8.

Contact the Office of Expanded Learning Time (973) 412-1910 or your child’s school directly.

Excel Program Locations:

School CodeProgram MonitorSchool List
087Donna TollinchiOliver Street
093Donna TollinchiSouth Street
089Donna TollinchiQuitman
Donna TollinchiEast Ward School
105Eileen DalyWilson Avenue
075Eileen DalyHawkins
081Eileen DalyMcKinley
049Eileen DalyAnn Street
077Eileen DalyLafayette
073James MajorDrEAFlagg
096James MajorSouth 17th
098James MajorSpeedway
110James MajorIvy Hill
078James MajorLincoln
090John CunhaRidge Street
068John CunhaElliott Street
050John CunhaPark El
056John CunhaBranch Brook
051Kelly MarquisAvon
052Kelly MarquisBelmont Runyon
085Kelly MarquisMount Vernon
046Lindsey CavalieriAbington
074Lindsey CavalieriDr. W. Horton
Lindsey CavalieriSolomon Urena
070Lindsey CavalieriFirst Avenue
062Nancy FrancoisChancellor
076Nancy FrancoisHawthorne
088Nancy FrancoisPeshine
145Nancy FrancoisLouise A Spencer
163Nancy FrancoisGWCarver
036Priscilla TorresLuis Munoz Marin
099Priscilla TorresRoberto Clemente
095Priscilla TorresRafael Hernandez
101Priscilla TorresSussex
072Priscilla TorresBen. Franklin
097Serifatu HughesHarriet Tubman
060Serifatu HughesCamden
064Serifatu HughesCleveland
159Serifatu HughesThirteen Ave