Sakina Pitts, Principal

Sakina Pitts, Principal
Sakina Pitts
Newark School of Fashion & Design

Growing up in Newark, NJ and a product of Newark Public Schools, Sakina Pitts learned all of the principles necessary to become a fearless, thoughtful and bold leader. For the past five years, she has been the proud Principal of Chancellor Avenue School, where she attended as a student - located in the South Ward of Newark "Brick City". As a graduate of Newark’s Science High School, Principal Pitts, a life-long leader and learner, took her talents to Baltimore, where she earned a B.S in Business at the National Treasure, a leading research institution and acclaimed historically black university, Morgan State University.

Principal Pitts is an advocate and change agent for the students in this great historic city and for over twenty years, she has served in various capacities directly at Chancellor Avenue School. It is there, at the first school that she led, that she developed her love for the children of Newark and her vested interest in supporting her community while enhancing the lives and experiences of children in this district.

Prior to joining the field of education, Principal Pitts prepared to lead a career as a funeral director, but her heart led her back into education and back to her hometown of Newark. NJ. Her educational continuum would lead her to earn a master's degree from Seton Hall University in Education, Leadership, Management and Policy (ELMP). Despite attending school, teaching, and many other responsibilities, Principal Pitts mentored and participated in community initiatives that solidified her efforts as a transformative community partner.

In educating students in Newark’s metropolis, Principal Pitts knew early on that she found her passion. In her role, she masters the arduous and daunting daily tasks of ensuring that her students are in an environment where cultural relevance, safety, nutrition, discipline, and most importantly maximizing their fullest potential academically, socially, and emotionally are on full display. Under her leadership, test scores, school-wide community relations and parental involvement improved. This is all a testament to her leadership and developed trust with the administration and the community she serves.

As an active member of the Educational Coalition “Off School Grounds” (OSG), Principal Pitts recognizes that she could hardly do this work without the support provided by numerous community partners. Since its inception, she has collaborated weekly with like-minded school leaders around the country who are dedicated to closing equity gaps and effectuating real change in their school-wide communities.

Principal Pitts is also an engaging public speaker who is passionate about infusing Hip Hop culture into education. Using rap as an artform to connect the learning to the students’ sensibilities, she can be seen around her school building, in her educational leadership forums, leading administrative meetings and connecting with her community by “dropping lines.” Any chance she gets, she is quick to “spit barrrrzzzz,” especially in the name of education... “ergo” Principal Barrrrzzzz.

Living by the words of Spider-Man's alter ego Peter Parker, "With Great Power....Comes Great Responsibility!” Principal Pitts continues to remain passionate and committed about walking in her educational purpose.