Kcyied Zahir, Principal

Kcyied Zahir, Principal
Kcyied Zahir
Science Park High School

Born and raised in Newark, NJ, Kcyied Zahir has dedicated the last 22 years of his life to the social, emotional, and educational development of the youth in and around the greater Newark metropolitan area. Receiving all of his formal education in Newark Public Schools, his accomplishments in Track and Field earned him an athletic scholarship to attend the University of Maryland Eastern Shore. Although many miles away, it was never an afterthought that he would return to the City of Newark to be a change agent for his community.

In his time as an educator, Zahir has promoted positive transformations in the lives of more than a thousand individuals ranging in ages from 12-19 years old. “Zahir”, as he is referred to by so many, possesses an uncanny but realistic approach to addressing students who struggle with decision-making and productive learning habits. His skills and commitment have been instrumental in improving schools’ climate and culture which directly affects students’ academic performance. Zahir is dedicated to the advancement of urban education and is determined to use education to improve the environmental conditions in the City of Newark, NJ.

Growing up in Newark, Zahir has garnered the experience necessary to understand the challenges facing Newark’s youth today. His ability to connect with the youth has proven to be most valuable whenever he is faced with the challenge of transforming the minds and lives of his students. Providing clarity, and offering new paths towards success for students who dare to dream of more, Kcyied Zahir is regarded by many to be a fresh face in school leadership, and has a proven method for producing the results needed to reshape and transform the lives of all those whom he is blessed with the opportunity to lead. Starting with one student at a time, Kcyied Zahir has committed his life to transforming the world.