Imani Moody, Assistant Business Administrator

Imani Moody
Imani Moody
Assistant School Business Administrator

Mr. Moody received his B.A. in Economics and Spanish from Morehouse College and his M.B.A. from Columbia University with concentrations in Finance and Entrepreneurship.

He has 26 years of experience in financial technology, corporate finance, and entrepreneurship with such companies as Bloomberg Financial, American Express Bank, and Thompson Financial, and was instrumental in the founding of Bloomberg Integration Services and Primus Financial Technologies.

In honor of his father, John P. Moody Jr. (1931-2018), civil rights activist and original Freedom Rider, Mr. Moody is proud to direct his enthusiasm and expertise towards social justice and equity outcomes in underserved communities, locally and globally. In 2010, he became the Founding Director of Operations/ Chief Financial Officer for Newark Legacy Charter School, an innovative and successful community school, serving students and families in the highest need South Ward of Newark, NJ.

In 2021, he became Assistant School Business Administrator for the Newark Board of Education. He also holds Board of Directors positions with Healthright International which leverages global resources to address local health challenges and The Initiative for a Blue and Black Partnership, a newly formed foundation that brings together local leaders, communities, and progressive police departments to create meaningful and lasting change in our laws and institutional practices in order to stop the indiscriminate violence towards people of color by law enforcement.