Erica L. Paich, Principal

Erica L. Paich - Principal
Erica L. Paich
Ironbound Academy Elementary School

Mrs. Erica Paich is entering her 13th year as an educator with the Newark Board of Education. She began her teaching career as a 7th and 8th grade Special Education teacher at Rafael Hernandez School. During her tenure at Rafael Hernandez, Mrs. Paich taught various grades and subject areas. While pursuing her Master's in Educational Leadership, Mrs. Paich became a teacher coach at Rafael Hernandez and Luis Munoz Marin Elementary School.

Mrs. Paich completed her master's degree in 2014 while working as a Special Assistant/Supervisor in the Instructional Technology and Literacy Department. Mrs. Paich was directly involved in implementing Google Apps for Education, Chromebooks in schools, and online testing. While in the literacy department, she worked with instructional coaches and classroom teachers to implement pedagogical strategies to improve student outcomes. Mrs. Paich also led the implementation of reading intervention programs to support striving readers.

In 2018, Mrs. Paich worked as a Special Assistant of the North Ward School Leadership Team under the leadership of Dr. Jose Fuentes, supporting 13 schools within the North Ward and their Instructional Leaders. After two years, she moved into a Director position supporting the district's enrollment processes.

Mrs. Paich’s educational philosophy is that all children can learn and we are responsible for ensuring that students engage in real-world learning experiences while forging meaningful relationships with their peers and staff. Mrs. Paich is committed to ensuring that the children of Ironbound Academy Elementary School have strong foundations and become the problem solvers of the future.

In addition to her life in education, Mrs. Paich is also a wife and mother to two amazing children, Jackson and Brian.