Atiba Buckman, Principal

Atiba Buckman, Principal
Atiba Buckman
Malcolm X Shabazz High School

Atiba Frederick Buckman is an educator of 25 years. She was born and raised in Crown Heights, Brooklyn, NY, to Barbara and Franklyn Frederick. Through generous scholarships and the hard work of her Trinidadian parents, Atiba strived in local private schools from Kindergarten to 12th Grade.

She followed her undergraduate education at Lincoln University and the City University of New York (Medgar Evers and Brooklyn College campuses), where she soon after began teaching in the classrooms of New York City’s Department of Education (NYC DOE). During her tenure at NYC DOE, she completed her graduate studies at Touro College and Columbia University Teachers College, where she honed her skills as a literacy specialist and school administrator.

At the same time, she balanced the responsibilities and struggles of being a single parent to two young boys (one of which was her former student). In 2004, Atiba married her husband, Rosevelt Buckman, with whom she has one son.

After more than fifteen years of service in the NYC DOE, she relocated to New Jersey in 2012 and was appointed the role of Principal at Speedway Avenue Elementary School. For the past nine years, Principal Buckman has worked to transform Speedway Avenue from one of the lowest performing schools in the district into a school that has consistently grown for the past eight years in student enrollment and academic gains. Speedway housed the district’s winning Debate Team, three years in a row. Her contributions have also allowed Speedway to offer students an array of highly engaging activities from STEM learning in their MakerSpace, to their partnership with various dance troupes, including the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater.

Principal Buckman has instilled a sense of public service wherever she has gone. She has also been a leader of integrating Red Nose Day and its mission of educating young people about poverty around the world. Under her leadership, Speedway has raised over $10,000 over the past four years to fight global hunger.

Becoming a true beacon to it’s community and abroad, Principal Buckman has led the charge in Speedway’s contribution in building and commissioning a well in Nigeria. With the support of her school community, she’s held five annual Community Day Dinners with her staff and fed hundreds of families from various Newark shelters

Ensuring that all children receive a high quality, 21st century education - Principal Buckman is sure to bring her charisma and hard work, everywhere she goes.