Substitute Teacher Credential Pathways

We are pleased to share an exciting announcement from the State Department of Education!

The NJ DOE has announced on October 13, 2021 that they will temporarily offer an additional substitute teacher credential pathway. Pursuant to P.L.2021,c.87, individuals who are enrolled in an accredited institution of higher education, have completed 30 semester-hour credits, and are at least 20 years of age will be eligible for a substitute teacher credential. Candidates may apply for a substitute teaching credential under these eligibility rules until June 30, 2023.

Candidates for a substitute credential now have two pathways to eligibility and may apply for substitute credentials as outlined below:

Substitute Teacher Credential Pathway 1 (Per N.J.A.C. 6A:9B-7.3)

  • Completion of 60 semester-hour credits.
  • Credits must be completed at an accredited college or university at the time of application.
  • Credential is valid for five (5) years from the date of issuance.

Substitute Teacher Credential Pathway 2 (Per P.L. 2021, c.87)

  • Completion of 30 semester-hour credits.
  • Credits must be completed at an accredited institution of higher education at the time of application.
  • Applicant must be enrolled in an accredited institution of higher education at the time of application.
  • Applicant must be at least 20 years of age.
  • Credential pathway is available until June 30, 2023.
  • Credential is valid for five (5) years from the date of issuance.

Note, requesting a criminal history check can be done prior to the submission of a formal application for credentials! We encourage candidates to begin this process immediately through the office of student protection. This helps accelerate the hiring process.

Please feel free to reach out to Per Diem Staffing at if you have any questions. We look forward to supporting you.

A Guide for Applicants: How to Apply for a Substitute Teacher Credentials

Below is the procedure to follow for candidates who have been offered employment as Per Diem Teachers.

  • Step One: Apply to the Job Posting

    Complete an online application through the Newark Board of Education (NBOE) website for Per Diem (Substitute) Teacher positions. Click here. From the selected page under the heading “For All NBOE Career Opportunities” select “Frontline-Newark Board of Education-Apply Here” . Once on the page, go to the left menu under “Vacancies” and select “Per Diem”. Once “Per Diem” is selected, scroll down, and apply either as “External Applicants” or “Internal Applicants”. After selecting the type of applicant, select your desired role, apply, and submit. Please note, “Internal Applicants” is for current Newark Board of Education employees only.

  • Step Two: Complete Criminal History Record Check Process

    1. Pay administrative fee(s) for the criminal history background clearance and print out the IdentoGO New Jersey Universal Fingerprint Form from the New Jersey Department of Education (NJDOE) Office of Student Protection webpage ($11)
    2. Go to the Identogo Website to schedule an appointment and pay fingerprinting fees ($66.05 for those who have never been fingerprinted in New Jersey, or $29.75 if previously printed through the NJDOE subsequent to March 2003). The positon title must be Substitute or Classroom Teacher.
    3. Attend the scheduled appointment time and get fingerprinted. Make sure to bring the following to your scheduled appointment: Picture Identification (ID) Note: Foreign passports will no longer be accepted as proof of identification; IdentoGO New Jersey Universal Fingerprint Form; and Verify criminal history status form.

  • Step Three: Apply for the Substitute Credential Online

    1. Create an account online at the NJ Department of Education Educator Certification website at
    1. Enter your information and check your email for log in instructions
      1. Apply: Complete the application for Credential                                                                                   Instructional Substitute based on your college credits – 60 or 30
      2. Background Questions: Complete all the questions and Oath of Allegiance
      3. Payment:  Submit the application and process the $125.00 application fee
      4. Record: Make note of your “case number” from the payment confirmation page

  • Step Four: Submit your transcripts and criminal history status check

    1. A PDF copy of the Employment History Approval must be uploaded through your account at the application portal.
    2. Provide two (2) official transcripts. One copy labeled with your case number  goes to and one copy goes to 

      Transcript(s) must show completion of the required minimum number of credits.
      Pathway one (1): 60 Credits or Pathway two (2): 30 credits

      PLEASE NOTE: Your application is not complete until all required documents have been submitted to the Department of Education.

      1. Fingerprint approval
      2. Official Transcript sent directly from your college/university
      3. Proof of age via license or other government issued identification if applicable

    If you are applying for substitute credentials using 30 college credits, an official letter from the registrar’s office providing proof of the current enrollment at an accredited college or university is also required.

    Follow this link to a tutorial video provided for applicants by the NJ DOE

    Update Renewal of Credentials (known formerly as Certificates)

    Renewal of expired certificates

    1. Follow Steps 1-4 above: Complete the application for substitute credentials

    Note:  There is no “renewal application” a letter confirming active status will be required.

    If you have worked the required minimum days in the current school year, request a letter confirming your active status with Newark Board of Education.

    Email your employee ID number an d NJ ED CERT case number. 

    Transcripts and Fingerprints approval are not required for renewal unless the substitute certification has been expired more than (6) months.

    If the credential has expired more than six months, you will be required to submit archived fingerprints and updated transcripts.  Follow steps for a new credential.

  • Renewal of Expired Credentials:

    1. Complete step three above.
    2. If your substitute certification expired more than (6) months ago, a copy of the Fingerprint Approval letter and an official transcript will be required to be sent to

    A substitute certificate is transferable from county to county; therefore, an applicant applying for substitute employment in more than one county should receive only one certificate. However, the fingerprint approval must be transferred/ archived to the district that you are working.

    A person who holds a CE, CEAS, or Standard Teacher’s certificate issued by the New Jersey Department of Education does not have to apply for a substitute certificate. The Standard certificate must, however, be recorded with the Newark Board of Education – Human Resource Service Department.

A Guide for School Leaders: Requesting Per Diem (PD) Teachers

In our efforts to expedite your requests for substitute coverage, we are pleased to introduce the HRS NEW process for requesting the assignment of active substitute teachers for your location. Below is the procedure to follow to request the assignment of Per Diem (PD) Teachers for your location.

  • Step One: Review the Unassigned PD Teacher (Tab 2) Availability Spreadsheet

  • Step Two: Contact the PD Teacher and offer the assignment.

    1. Check the current availability for the PD teacher.
    2. Connect with the PD teacher and offer the assignment.

  • Step Three: Complete the PD Teacher Assignment Form (Please also change the hyperlink to reflect “Assignment Form”)

    Once you have chosen a per diem teacher from the Per Diem availability list, please complete the PD teacher assignment form.

  • Step Four: Confirmation and COVID-19 Compliance

    1. Per Diem Staffing will confirm the assignment via an email to the PD Teacher and Principal.
    2. Principal is to ensure that the PD Teacher adheres to COVID-19 protocols and must receive clearance from Health Services before reporting to your location.

    Please feel free to reach out to the Per Diem Staffing at if you have any questions or need additional support.