Teacher Contract Information

Teacher Contract Compensation Details

Teacher Compensation FAQs for the 2016-17 School Year

1. When are stipends for NTU instructional staff paid?

A. Instructional staff will be paid stipends – including stipends for extended learning time, for Child Study Team members, and those teachers with Master’s and PhDs who remained on the traditional salary scale — twice per year. The first payment is made in January and the second in June at the end of the year.

2. When are stipends for NTU non-instructional staff paid?

A. Stipends for non-instructional staff members affiliated with NTU are paid within each pay period, with the exception of the extended learning time payment.

3. I am on the existing salary scale, but I did not receive an annual stipend check. Why not?

A. Some steps on the existing scales have an annual stipend value of $0. For instance, if you are on the MA or PHD existing teacher scales, and are on a step between 12 and 15, you will not receive a check because there is no stipend at those step levels. Please refer to the salary guide link at the top of this page for salary scale details.

4. Who is eligible for the medical insurance waiver payment?

A. All NTU members who waived medical and prescription benefits during the fall open enrollment period are eligible to receive a cash waiver incentive, provided that:

  • they are covered as a dependent under a spouse’s or civil union partner’s employer-provided health benefits coverage and
  • their spouse’s/civil union partner’s health benefit coverage is not also through the State Health Benefits Program.

The employee must provide proof of coverage through alternate providers to receive the waiver payment.

5. How is the amount of the health waiver payment determined?

A. An eligible employee who waived medical coverage for 2016 will be reimbursed up to 25% of the amount saved by the District or $5,000, whichever amount is less. If the employee did not waive prescription coverage, the employee’s payment will be calculated based on their medical coverage only. If the employee waived benefits effective January 1, 2016 but was ineligible for benefits during a period of time either due to leaves or separation from the district, the cash incentive payment will be prorated according to the number of eligible months the employee worked.

6. Who receives a Highly Effective bonus?

A. To ensure that we retain our best and recognize their performance, teachers who are rated Highly Effective are eligible to receive from $5,000 to $12,500 in a one-time bonus for their hard work and dedication to the students of Newark. Specifically, teachers rated Highly Effective on the Framework for Effective Teaching and who are on the Universal salary scale receive a Highly Effective bonus.

7. If I am eligible when do I receive my Highly Effective bonus?

A. Eligible teachers should receive their payment in August.

8. What is the amount of the bonus?

A. All Highly Effective teachers on the Universal Salary Scale get a bonus amount of $5,000. These teachers can earn an additional $5,000 if they work in the lowest (25%) performing schools and another $2,500 if they work in a hard-to-staff subject area. Specifically, teachers on the Universal scale can earn the following amounts:

  • $5,000 if they are rated Highly Effective
  • $7,500 if they are rated Highly Effective and teach in a hard-to-staff subject (see list of subjects below)
  • $10,000 if they are rated Highly Effective and work in one of our 25% lowest-performing schools (see list of subjects below); or
  • $12,500 if they are rated Highly Effective, teach in a hard-to-staff subject, and work in one of the 25% lowest-performing schools.

9. What subjects are considered hard-to-staff for the purpose of this bonus?

A. Teachers in the following titles are eligible to receive an additional $2,500. While the subjects can vary from year to year, for the 2015-16 school year, the hard to staff subjects were:

  • Teacher Bilingual
  • Teacher Biology
  • Teacher Chemistry
  • Teacher Chinese
  • Teacher Latin
  • Teacher Mathematics (grades 6-12)
  • Teacher Portuguese
  • Teacher Physics
  • Teacher Science (grades 6-12)

10. My question was not addressed on this page. Who do I contact with my salary question?

A. Please contact the NPS Contact Center at 973-733-7175.

11. Who is eligible for Performance Improvement Stipend?

A. Educators who receive a Partially Effective annual summative evaluation rating and are rated Effective or Highly effective the following year’s annual summative evaluation rating shall be entitled to a one-time stipend worth 50% of the difference between their new step and their old step as an incentive for improvement.