Central Office Move Information

This past winter Newark Public Schools reached an agreement with the owners of the building at 765 Broad Street to move into the building’s bottom four floors (floors 1-3 and basement). This contract has been approved by the Newark School Board, the Newark local finance board, and the New Jersey Department of Education.

In February 2017, after the move was approved, we held a preliminary information session with all central office employees to share an overview of the plan and to provide a space for employees to raise questions. Since that time, the School Business Administrator’s Office has been engaged with move coordinators from offices across the building to finalize building designs and to begin conversations about records management.

Below, we will share on-going updates about the move.

Central Office Move Documents

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Central Office Move - FAQ
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Central Office Move Information - September 2017 Update
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Central Office Move Timeline
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Packing Guidelines
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Floor Plans with Seating Assignments

Note: The floor plans were removed from electronic distribution due to security concerns. To learn about your seating assignment, please visit the Move Center in Room 1008 on the 10th floor of 2 Cedar Street.