Educational Media Services

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Central Office
Room 915
2 Cedar St., Newark NJ 07102
Phone: 973-733-7076
Fax: 973-733-7174

The Office of Educational Media Services of The Newark Public Schools is dedicated to ensuring that all students have the opportunity to develop the media literacy skills necessary to maximize their potential to become independent, lifelong learners and to live as knowledgeable, productive members of society.

School library media centers throughout the District of Newark provide a broad spectrum of resources to augment and integrate the curriculum developed to meet the goals and objectives outlined the New Jersey Core Curriculum Content Standards, the National Information Literacy Standards for Student Learning, and the National Educational Technology Standards. The school library and its instructional program, are critical components of the educational process, contributing to the achievement of the goals and objectives through programs and services that are implemented to support the instructional programs of the school

Library media specialists manage our school library media centers. Assistance is encouraged from student and parent volunteers, providing opportunities for community involvement. Library media specialists serve as instructional partners in Academic Services, provide information access and delivery, and administer and manage the library media program. They serve as an integral part of the educational team by providing enriching environments within the centers, assisting with technology integration, and acquiring resources and activities in print, audio, visual, and electronic media, which satisfy educational needs, encourage interdisciplinary studies, and inspires a love for recreational and independent reading.

The Office of Educational Media Services continues to be actively involved in developing partnerships with The Newark Public Library, The Newark Museum, The New Jersey Historical Society, Central Jersey Instructional Media Services, and Learning Resource Centers. As a result of these partnerships, media specialists have been instrumental in utilizing services available and providing an array of materials to enhance students’ knowledge base across all areas of the curriculum.

Currently, district media centers are updating existing collections and automating circulation systems. This will modernize and improve circulation, cataloging, scheduling, and inventory procedures. Automation will further expand the possibilities of research and information retrieval. Therefore, it is essential that students have knowledge in accessing, evaluating, and choosing from a constantly changing and growing reservoir of information within the media centers of The Newark Public Schools.