How to find the Serial Number of a ChromeBook

Here is an example of what a ChromeBook Serial number might look like and where it can be found:


Hewlett-Packard – HP

Ex. 1S20DB000CUS LR03E92S Ex. 5CD6154P20
To Check Lenovo ChromeBook Warranty Status Click Here To Check HP ChromeBook Warranty Status Click Here

ChromeBook Battery Issues

Please perform the following steps to determine if the ChromeBook’s battery is actually the issue or the power source/charger.

With the ChromeBook powered on, press and hold the Refresh button (the F3 location that appears as a rotate clockwise icon), and then press and hold the Power button as well for 10 seconds.  The system will power off but keep holding both buttons for the full 10 seconds.  This will reset the firmware and corrects the battery problem about 50 percent of the time.

Please try using another power source; one that you know works when charging another ChromeBook, and use that one on the ChromeBook in question.  If the ChromeBook charges, the first power source is no good.  If the ChromeBook doesn’t charge, the issue is with the ChromeBook’s battery.