Prep for PARCC




Performance-Based Assessment

March 2 – March 27

Week 1: 3rd & 6th Grades

Week 2: 4th & 7th Grades

Week 3: 5th & 8th Grades

Week 4: Make Ups Grades


End of Year Assessment

April 27 – May 22


Introduction Videos

Common Core 3 minute Intro Video in English

Common Core 3 minutes intro Video in Spanish

PARCC and CC Overview



Parent PARCC Brochure for Students with Disabilities

PARCC Brochure for English Language Learners



PARCC Website

What do I need to know about the Common Core? Top 8 Questions Parents Ask Teachers

Website of Resources for our Latino Families

Common Core Basics for Parents from Scholastic

10 Ways to Motivate Your Child to Learn


Test Samples/Examples

PARCC Sample Items and Rubrics


Practice Games

PARCC Practice Games