Remote Learning Resources

A Letter From Superintendent Roger Leon

Novel Coronavirus – Next Steps 5.5.20

These resources have been posted to hopefully assist or point our Parents in the right direction during this time of School Closure and Social Distancing.

We may be apart physically.  However, our well wishes and positive thoughts  stand together united as we push to Stay Health, Stay Safe and Continue Learning.

Log into FREE WiFi on your District Chromebook at Home

NOTE:  Depending on where you live and what type of building you live in, coverage will vary.  You may need to move around to get a stronger signal. Concrete and Brick buildings for instance are hard for wifi signal to penetrate through so you may get a weaker signal inside the home.

  •  The 2nd option for families that do not have Internet Access is to call Altice at 866-200-9522 to enroll in the Optimum 30MB plan that they are offering.  Please see the attached memo from Altice for more information. Altice has also announced that they will not disconnect any existing customer connections due to non-payment and will waive all late fees as well for the existing customers during this period. 

Caring For The Chromebook

What happens if your chromebook is dirty?  How do you store it when you’re not using it?  How does it get charged?

Answer all of these questions and more …Chromebook Care

Chromebook Challenges

  • The red light comes on but the screen is black.  Contact your teacher.
  • The Chromebook gives message about reenrollment.  Follow Chromebook Re Enrollment Instructions.
  • The Chromebook will not power on.  Check to make sure the power pack (made up of two parts) is connected and plugged into the power socket.  If it still doesn’t power on, contact your teacher.