Attendance Policy

Attendance Policy for Barringer High School

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There is a vast body of research to support the direct correlation between attendance and student achievement. As a school, we struggle immensely in this area. Since last year, we have become more strategic regarding monitoring our attendance trends. We are making strides by increasing awareness and accountability for all stakeholders. To that end, please be guided by information below.

  • Attendance is mandatory for all students.
  • Attendance will be taken daily in all classes.
  • State reportable attendance will be taken during homeroom (period 2).
  • Parents will be notified the same day that a student is marked absent from homeroom.
  • Attendance will be monitored and tracked daily.
  • Mandatory Parent Conferences will be held for students who are chronically absent.
  • Attendance Reports and Convocations will take place on a monthly basis.
  • Students who miss more than 18 school days must complete an Attendance Appeal Portfolio to obtain credit. Last year was a pilot year.  This year the policy will be even more strictly reinforced.
  • We are partnering with a new agency (Concentric – CES). They have be tasked with conducting home visits for students who require support with boosting their attendance.

Barringer High School Attendance Initiative – BEING FULLY PRESENT!!!

Attendance CategoryCriteriaCelebrations & Interventions
For the Month0 days ● Dress Down Day on the first Friday of the Month
● Pizza Party
● Certificate
● Attendance Wall Recognition
● We raffle off 3 $50.00 gift cards.
Perfect Attendance
100% for the year
0 missed days ● Student receives all of the benefits above and will attend a trip to Six Flags in June.
Outstanding Attendance1-3 missed days● Certificate
● Name on Wall of Recognition
Good Attendance4-6 missed days● Convocation to review the correlation between attendance and school success
● Parent letter to be signed and returned to advisor. Advisor will contact parents of any student who fails to return the letter.
Fair Attendance7-10 missed days● Mandatory parent meeting to review school policy and attendance literature
● Parent must complete court representative paperwork
● Home Visits from our partnering organization (CES)
Poor Attendance11 - 17 missed days● Student is in serious danger of failing all classes.
● SST is generated.
● Parent attendance is mandatory in SST meeting (Parent is apprised of the literature and school policy).
Chronic Absenteeism
18 days or more● Students will meet with their assigned Vice Principal.
● Student will fail all classes that fall into this category unless they successfully complete the appeal process to demonstrate mastery of content..
● All senior privileges are revoked at this time - dues will not be refunded.
● Student is responsible for completing a portfolio for each class as follows:
○ Reflection/Literature review on attendance/School connection
○ Mastery-level work
○ Pass relevant exams/PARCC test
○ Parent signature sheet
● In order for the appeal to be approved, student must meet all of the criteria above and must not miss ANY additional days.