Learning-At-Home Support Contact Information


Information about obtaining a Chromebook. Contact;
Chromebook Assistance
Assistance in Spanish and in English
Ms. Correa: (862) 801-5266
Assistance with contacting a Teacher. Contact;
Teacher Assistance
Assistance in Spanish
Mrs. Hernandez: (973) 559-3640
(Also contact Mrs. Hernandez about transcripts.)
Assistance in English
Ms. Reed: (862) 227-4629
Assistance with contacting a School Administrator or a Social Worker or CST. Contact;
School Assistance
Assistance in Spanish
Ms. Pabon: (862) 201-3291
Assistance in English
Mr. Shepherd: (929) 400-7065
Guidance Department Assistance. Contact;
Guidance Assistance
Assistance in Spanish
Ms. Reyes (201) 839-6538
Assistance in English
Ms. Davis (973) 750-4583
All concerns about Grades and Graduation Requirements, please email the Student’s Guidance Counselor directly. Click here for guidance information.