School Parent Compact

A Team Effort
This Learning Compact is a voluntary agreement between home and school. The
education of a child is a team effort involving the school, parents, students and the
entire school community. We all must pledge to participate and work cooperatively for
the successful education of all children.
As a Parent
As a parent I realize the importance of sharing responsibility with the school to further
my child’s education. I understand that cooperation with BRICK Avon Academy and
proper supervision of my child will help his/her achievement and attitude. Therefore, I
join with BRICK Avon Academy by carrying out the following responsibilities to the
best of my ability:
1. Create an atmosphere of learning at home, that promotes the values of a good
education. Including monitoring the amount of television my child(ren) watch and
checking for homework completion daily
2. My child(ren) will attend school daily and will report by 8:20am
3. My child(ren) will remain in school daily until 3:45pm.
4. I understand that three (3) early dismissals can result in an absence;
furthermore, five (5) absences can result in a legal attendance referral.
5. Attend school functions, conferences and meeting(s), day or evening
A. Cycle 1 Conferences: November 28th from 1-7pm
B. Cycle 2 Conferences: February 15th from 1-7pm
6. Encourage my child to demonstrate morality and respect for classmates, school
personnel and school property.

7. Give encouragement and praise to my children; congratulate and reward success
(note: parents can donate incentives to our BRICK Buck Store).
8. Restrict the amount of money, toys, or non-academic items that are brought to
school, including candy, gum, soda, chips, seeds, or dangerous items to school.
When such items are brought to school they can and will be confiscated.
9. Check for information/communication from the school daily (K-8) and respond
10. Volunteer in my child’s school and perform duties as a member of the Parent
Ambassador Initiative. As a parent, I will treat all staff members at BRICK Avon
Academy with dignity and respect.
As a School
BRICK Avon Academy will provide high quality curriculum and instruction in an
effective learning environment to enable success for every student. We will:
1. Provide opportunities for two parent teacher conferences held within the school
2. This year the conferences are November 8th 2017 and February 15th 2018
3. Provide parents with frequent reports on their children’s progress.
4. This year progress reports will be distributed:
• October 5th 2017 | December 15th 2017 | March 5th 2018 | May 15th 2018
5. All staff members will treat parents and students with dignity and respect, while
ensure a safe, positive learning environment
6. Provide parents with reasonable access to staff, opportunities to volunteer and
participation in school/classroom activities
7. Provide educational workshops to help parents understand school curriculum

8. Provide teachers and staff with the trainings, and workshops needed to help them
become stronger school leaders
9. Provide parents opportunities to volunteer and participate in their child’s class, and
observe classroom activities
• Work to develop a system that helps allows a family to volunteer from home (i.e.,
sending home letters to be cut out)
10. Help increase learning at home by:
• Increasing the amount of challenging homework
• Ensure that homework is sent home consistently
• Establishing a clearer communication tool around homework
As a Student
As a student, I realize that learning is my threshold to accomplishing my dreams. I
know that I am responsible for my own success. Therefore, I agree to carry out the
following responsibilities to the best of my ability:
1. Report to school on time every day prepared with homework and tools for learning
2. I will eat breakfast either at home or at school
3. Pay attention in class and ask for help when needed
4. Complete assignments in school and return completed homework daily
5. Get respect by showing respect to school personnel and other students and school
6. Come to school to be the best student I can be, since this day will never come again
7. Understand and uphold the DREAMers Values and alway seek to be a level 3
8. Fiercely love one another and not react with my emotions
9. Stop, state my feelings, and calm down, when face with a negative situation