School Procedures

1. Arrival and Dismissal

  • 3-8 Arrival: Rose Terrace (Cafetorium doors)
    • Entrance opens at 8:00 am
    • Breakfast is served from 8:00am to 8:20 am
    • At 8:25 am students are to report to advisory
    • Doors are locked at 8:30 am and late arriving students must report to the main entrance on Avon Avenue where they will sign in and be marked tardy
  • K-2 Arrival: Playground entrance (Rec for inclement weather)
    • Playground opens with supervision at 8:00 am
    • 8:20 am a whistle blows and students line up by class numbers painted on the concrete
    • 8:25 am students are dismissed to report to class
    • Breakfast is served in classroom
    • Doors are locked at 8:20am and late arriving students must report to the main entrance on Avon Avenue where they will sign in and be marked tardy
  • All students are dismissed at 2:55

2. Electronic Devices

  • ALL electronic devices must be in the off position while on school grounds.  No devices should be blinking or vibrating.  This includes the school building and playground.
  • First Offense
    • The first time a staff member sees an electronic device, he/she will ask the students to surrender the device and arrange for return at the end of the day
    • An adult must make an appointment with an administrator to pick up the device after 3:15 pm
    • If a parent/guardian comes at 2:50, they MUST make an appointment at that point
    • If the administrator is free at 3:15, it is fine to make appointment for that time, but it is not guaranteed
    • The parent/guardians must sign a policy document informing him/her that the next time a phone is seen/heard/taken it will be held until the end of the year
    • Please note that all phones are labeled, and locked in a secure location
  • Second Offense
    • The second time the phone is taken, the phone cannot be picked up/retrieved until June 24, 2011

3. Uniforms

Students are to wear a uniform EVERY day – orange or blue shirt and blue pants/skirts are acceptable. On gym days (1 day per week), students are permitted to wear a BRICK Avon Academy gym uniform (orange t-shirt and shorts/sweat pants).  If a student has gym, shorts should be worn under his/her school uniform.  No children are to change clothes.

4. Detention Policy

When students are given detention, teachers notify the parent by sending home a Detention Notice.  The notice is sent home at least one day prior to the detention so that the parent can arrange for the child to stay late, and get home safely.

Detention Notice

5. Computer Usage

All students must complete an Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) in order to get on a computer.   This AUP will allow a student to access Microsoft Office programs (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.) as well as the Internet.  A students internet access will be taken if he/she is found to be using the internet inappropriately.
Acceptable Use Policy

6. Homework Policy
Homework Folder:

  • All students have a homework folder provided by the school.
  • Folders include clasps with 2-3 sheet protectors.
  • Homework Planner: each Monday, students receive a new homework planner which outlines the homework for the week and includes important dates and family notes.  Planner goes directly into the sheet protector. The planner may include pictures and words to explain homework for lower grade students.
  • Important reference sheets can go into the other sheet protectors and can be changed as needed.
Reading Log:
  • All students are expected to read each night and complete a reading log.
  • Kindergarten and First Grade: 15 minutes
  • Second Grade: 20 minutes
  • Third to eighth grade: 30 minutes
  • Reading log is included in the folder and collected weekly or bi-weekly, depending on grade.
  • Reading log includes a list of good questions family members can ask students.
Incomplete Homework:
  • Homework is checked each morning.
  • Students who have incomplete homework for the day will receive an “Incomplete Homework” sheet attached to incomplete homework.
  • Student loses privilege of talking with friends during lunch and playing during recess.  Student may complete homework during recess or take it home to complete it that night.
  • Student may complete “homework reflection” to reflect on incomplete homework and make plan to prevent incomplete homework in the future