Vision and Mission

School Philosophy

The staff at Ann Street School embraces the belief that all students can learn. Our goal is to provide all children, regardless of socioeconomic status, race, ethnic background or ability, the educational opportunity which will prepare them to function socially, economically and politically in a democratic society; further, to prepare each child to live a worthwhile life and become a source of community pride and our nation as a whole. Educators, in cooperation with parents, will assist pupils in acquiring the body of knowledge and skills necessary to meet the requirements of the Newark Public Schools and the State of New Jersey. The uniqueness and ultimate worth of each individual is an essential ingredient of our program. Students and staff, alike, are encouraged to develop their abilities in a manner most conducive to the adaptation and adjustment to an ever-changing and demanding world. This task must be approached according to and be commensurate with each person’s ability to assume responsibility. Tradition is not to be accepted for the sake of tradition. Where tradition is still valuable, where it has been handed down from generation to generation due to its proven worth and effectiveness, it is to be preserved and cherished. Where it is no longer of significant worth, tradition should not be allowed to serve as an impediment to progress. Change, based on well-documented, well-structured arguments, will be accepted, as we strive to effectively serve the students in our charge.

“Be Respectful, Be Responsible and Get a Good Education”