Grade 5-8

Teach to One

Speedway Academies implements the Teach to One Math curriculum for Grades Five through Eight. New Classrooms/Teach to One was born from the belief that today’s model for delivering education—one teacher and 28 or so students in a classroom—does not sufficiently account for each student’s needs and assumes that each student arrives on the first day of school with the same academic foundation and way of learning. For a teacher, this presents the nearly impossible challenge of teaching grade-level curriculum while also meeting the needs of each student.

To address this challenge, we design new instructional models that reimagine the role educators, the use of time, the configuration of physical space, and the use of data and technology to better meet the needs of each student. We then collaborate with educators to support the implementation of these models within traditional public, charter, and independent schools.

To see Teach to One in action, see the video below.