Grades K-2 – Core Knowledge Language Arts

The Core Knowledge Language Arts (CKLA) program is based on decades of cognitive science research revealing that reading is a two-lock box, a box that requires two keys to open. The first key is decoding skills, which are addressed in the Skills strand of the CKLA program. The second key is oral language, vocabulary, and background knowledge sufficient to understand what is decoded. These are covered in the Listening & Learning strand. Together, these two strands unlock a lifetime of reading for all children. Using this approach, the CKLA program not only meets the Common Core State Standards, it exceeds them.

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Children’s Literacy Initiative
Children’s Literacy Initiative is a non-profit organization that provides teachers in grades pre-k through grade 3 with professional development in teaching reading and writing. This professional development provides teachers with teaching strategies and techniques that directly impact each student’s ability to read and write. Teachers, Literacy Coaches and Administrators work with CLI to learn research-based practices for teaching reading and writing, and to improve their content knowledge, instructional practices, and classroom environments.

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Second Grade Core Knowledge Presentation of the War of 1812