Vision and Mission


We the Faculty, Staff, Parents and Administration of South Street School believe that education is a means to fulfill dreams. Our goal is to provide the foundation that our young students need to build upon so that they can be successful in middle school, high school, college and beyond! We strive to provide the highest quality of educational opportunities at South Street School to support the dreams of our children!


We the administration, faculty, staff and parents of South Street School believe that all children will learn. Our mission is to inspire a love for learning, a quest for excellence and a compassion for humanity. This can be accomplished through sound teaching practices along with a strong bond between home and school. We are committed to the total development of children by creating learning environments that foster their physical, cognitive, psychological, language, social and ethical development. Through this commitment children will acquire a sense of pride, direction, discipline and determination in achieving their academic and personal goals. With love, understanding, perseverance and dedication we will change hearts and minds to value education.