Community Service

Community Service is a process that enables students to provide meaningful human, educational, environmental, or public safety service, while integrating the knowledge and skills outlined in the New Jersey Core Curriculum Content Standards to address school and community needs. Community service is a vehicle instituted to build stronger academic skills and provides the groundwork for lifelong civic participation. Current Seniors (Class of 2011) are required to perform 60 hours of volunteer (unpaid) services. Starting next year (graduating class of 2012) each student is required to perform 80 hours of volunteer (unpaid) services. Please note that only 20 volunteer hours are allowed to be earned at school, the remaining hours must be completed within the community.  It is suggested that students divide their community service hours into “chunks” and complete 20 community services hours for each of their 4 high school years.  Your guidance counselor will give you the necessary forms and guidance for completion of this important graduation requirement.