Blue Ribbon Parents

Upon completion of a school culture and safety certification training course, Blue Ribbon Parents are designated as the lead volunteers for Science Park High School with special access to school facilities, resources and personnel.

School Leadership Council members, all parent advisory committee members, and all other parents willing to volunteer at least 20 hours during the course of the school year are welcome to join the Blue Ribbon Parent program.

Blue Ribbon Parents

2018 – 2019

Nii Abladey (certified SY15-16)

Isabelle Adon (re-certified SY17-18)

Natasha Akinyele (re-certified SY17-18)

Ernestine Akoto (re-certified SY17-18)

Marco Allende (certified SY18-19)

Sissy Allende (certified SY18-19)

Deyanira Alvarado (certified SY15-16)

Veronica Alvarez (certified SY18-19)

Flonnie Anderson (certified SY17-18)

Sylvia Wallace Anderson (certified SY18-19)

Nausia Bell (re-certified SY15-16)

Shelanda Brumant (re-certified SY15-16)

Maria Bunay (certified SY17-18)

Susan Burnett (certified SY17-18)

Karen Calderon (certified SY17-18)

Ada Caro (certified SY17-18)

Heather Chester (certified SY17-18)

Nitza Consuegra (certified SY17-18)

Maressa DaSilva (certified SY17-18)

Robin Dawson (re-certified SY15-16)

Jeimy De La Mora (certified SY17-18)

Karla Diaz (certified SY17-18)

Rose Doctor (certified SY17-18)

Adelana Dos Santos (certified SY18-19)

Deborah Fadipe (certified SY17-18)

Deirdre Foster (certified SY 17-18)

Janice Gabriel (certified October SY16-17)

Oluwakemi Idowu (certified SY18-19)

Latashia James (certified SY15-16)

Brian Jasey (certified SY15-16)

Jameelah Johnson (certified SY17-18)

Amina Lee (certified SY15-16)

Brandi Lopez (certified SY18-19)

Marcelle Lovelace (certified SY18-19)

Hermelinda Martinez (certified SY18-19)

Lucy Matos (certified SY17-18)

Brandon McCune (certified SY17-18)

Christine McCune (certified SY17-18)

Timesha McPleasant (certified SY17-18)

Katty Mendez (certified SY17-18)

Sharon Middleton (certified SY18-19)

Charles Mitchell, Sr. (certified SY18-19)

John Montgomery (certified SY17-18)

Juwana Montgomery (certified SY17-18)

Michael Morris (certified SY15-16)

Aseye Normanyo (certified SY18-19)

Patricia Pardal (certified SY18-19)

Kimya Passmore (certified SY18-19)

Lourdes Pinto (certified SY17-18)

Marcia Quito (certified SY18-19)

Indera Ramsaran (certified SY15-16)

Jimena Rea (re-certified SY15-16)

Daniela Rengel (certified SY18-19)

Carla Reynolds (certified SY18-19)

Carmen Rivera (certified SY18-19)

Osvaldo Rivera (certified SY18-19)

Sonia Rivera (certified SY18-19)

Jenette Rosario (certified SY18-19)

Sofia Russo (certified SY18-19)

Lillie Sanchez Sosa (certified SY18-19)

Dima Santos (certified SY18-19)

Tatiana Sarlo (certified SY18-19)

Lisa Sylvester-Fife (certified October SY16-17)

Celestine Swain (certified SY17-18)

Desdimona Valladares (certified SY17-18)

Gillian Wilson (certified SY18-19)