Senior Dues

Senior Dues Info

This is the senior dues information, if anyone has any questions you can e-mail the senior class adviser, Mr. Devito, at

Graduation Dues 70$  – The fee includes the Tassle, Cap, Gown, T-Shirt, diploma cover and key chain as well as event space, staffing and decorations.  This is a mandatory cost, please pay this entire cost up front before Dec 20th, or with installments of 10$ over the next 7 months ending in May.


Ring 60$ –  If the student would like to order a class ring it is an additional 60$ charge.  This charge is not mandatory.


Senior Pictures 9$ –  This fee is the “sitting fee” the students need to pay to get their picture taken in January. This is a mandatory cost,  please pay 9$ towards the sitting fee by December 20’th.


Prom 110$ –  The prom is scheduled for Thursday June 4th at The Manor in West Orange.  This fee will include 1 ticket, decorations, food and “toast off” celebration.  This fee is not mandatory and does not have to be paid if the student isn’t attending prom.  Please either pay this amount in full by Feb 28th, and you must pay mandatory costs before you can buy the prom ticket.


Yearbook 35$ –  The yearbook should be able to be distributed well before the graduation date of June 22nd.  This is not a mandatory fee, and if the student does not want a yearbook they do not need to pay this fee.


Class Trip ??? –  We have had several ideas for the class trip and we have recently inquired to the new American Dream Mall about trying to have the class trip there.  Once we collect some money for graduation and prom we can discuss how much students will need to pay for the class trip that they vote for. This will not be a mandatory cost.


Mr Devito will provide a receipt with all dues given which will include what the student is using that payment for.




70 – Graduation (mandatory)  (due by Dec 20’th)

9 –  Senior pictures (mandatory) (due by dec 20th)

60 – Ring

110 – Prom

35 – Yearbook



79$ mandatory


284$ total