Music Video Productions

I composed “Adoration” as part of Mayor Corey Booker’s 2012 Dr. King Celebration. The student’s enjoyed performing the selection and formed a connection with the lyrics. This year, I wanted to use the same composition to honor Dr. King but in a different way. I now teach 6th grade students. These beginning musicians must learn to express themselves through music- paint a picture with words. It is sometimes difficult for young students to do this because of their maturity level as well as a disconnect with the content of a selection, in this case the struggles and sacrifices of Dr. King. I decided to take “Adoration” and add a visual element to it so that my students can actually see the picture that the words of the song are painting with the hope that when they sing those same words, the visual will remain in their minds and be conveyed through the expressiveness of their performance.

-Keresse Dorcely, M.M (former music teacher)

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