Department Chairs

American History High School is proud to present the guiding forces behind our wonderful academics:


The AHHS English Department 

Ms. Regina Covington

As the Department Chairperson of English and VPA of American History High School, Ms. Regina Covington has been an employee of Newark Public Schools for 15 years. As such, she has served as an English teacher, English Department Chairperson and Vice Principal.

As an English teacher she has taught American Literature, British Literature, Drama, Creative Writing, SAT Prep and AP English Literature. She is the co-author of Newark Public School’s, Women In Literature curriculum, as well as various district-wide English Language Arts assessments.

As an administrator, she has also facilitated workshops for administrators, staff, students and parents in areas of: literacy initiatives, data analysis to drive instruction, teacher teams, various assessments, and teacher evaluation.

Ms. Covington has attended North Carolina State University, Kean University and a Montclair State University.



The AHHS Math and Science  Department 

Ms. Babita Kukreja

Mrs. Babita Kukreja has been an employee of Newark Public Schools for 16 years. She has served as a Mathematics teacher at University High School for 10 years, District Supervisor for HIgh School Math Instruction for 5 years and now serving as a Department Chairperson of Mathematics & Science of American History High School.

As a Mathematics teacher, She has taught variety of courses ranging from Algebra 1, Geometry, Algebra 2, PreCalculus and Calculus at University High School. She is extremely passionate about bringing joy in classes while students explore mathematics and make sense of it.

As a district supervisor, Mrs. Kukreja has been instrumental in writing curriculum guides and yearly instructional plans for all math courses, designing Interim Tests, creating Common Assessments on School Net to be administered. She has coached high school math teachers providing them in depth coplanning based coaching cycles. She has modeled math lessons in all high schools. She created a model for Differentiated Professional Development sessions and managed the largest professional development day in the history of Newark for about 650 math teachers across the district with her team. She has taken a major part in organizing a district wide math olympiad to allow 575 students to participate in a math competition on a digital platform.

As a department chair for Mathematics & Science, She is interested in interdisciplinary collaboration and find opportunities for students to be exposed in STEM field projects.


The AHHS Social Studies Department 

Mr. Kevin Arroyo