Fall 2019 Trip to see Hamilton on Broadway


Junior, Alani Connor selected by her peers to perform on the Hamilton stage!

All Juniors completed a research project on the Founding Era as a part of the Hamilton Education Program.  Mrs Johnson's U.S. History II  classes completed a 5 day curriculum on America's Founding Era, which culminated in the creation of a unique student performance piece.  After classroom instruction and research on the Hamilton Education Program website, where students researched primary sources on the creation of America, each student was expected to create and submit an original performance piece, at a maximum of 2 minutes long, based on what they have learned about the Founding Era. 

Alani chose to do her performance piece on Phillis Wheately, the first African American poet, which was a spoken word performance on Phillis Wheately's capture from West Africa, her feelings when she arrived in America and how she became the first African American poet. Alani was selected by the entire Junior class as having the best performance.  A video of her was submitted to the Hamilton Education Program and they selected her performance out of many students from the tri-state area to perform on the Hamilton stage. 

Watch Alani's Performance Below!



We all have an image of how things are expected to happen, or how someone or something is until we actually experience it for ourselves and we are amazed by it.  It is such an amazing feeling when something turns out much better than we expected. This is how I felt when I heard about the play of Alexander Hamilton. I expected it to be something ordinary, however, as soon as I stepped into the theater I knew it was going to be good, but I didn’t imagine it to be so fun and turn into an experience that I’ll never forget.  From the moment we arrived and got to see other students perform, it made me excited because I felt how slavery was and how unjust laws along with individuals were during America’s Founding Era.  

I couldn’t wait for the play to begin, and when it did, I wanted to cry because many people go through similar things in life like Hamilton losing his parents, then his child.  Though the play was more about politics it also related to everyday life. Overall, this experience helped me understand more about unjust laws, congress, and politics. The music was great and added excitement to the play and everything just came together.  I really hope I get to see this play again!

By Carmen Gonzalez (11th Grade)