Social Studies/History

Ms. Cardwell  Google Voice: 862-217-4611

Social Justice Period 1 734bvjv
USI Period 2 zrchvus
USI Period 5 327opbx
Social Justice Period 6 qf2fhap
USI Period 8 u2qrjfg

Mrs. Johnson US History and AP US History:

1st Period v43uk5q
2nd Period ztpr4mz
3rd Period dmtuawg
5th Period hpfqwkw
8th Period tlrnhl6

Mr Nikitin –  US History and Constitutional Law

Constitutional Law Period 1
Constitutional Law Period 2  cniy3hg
US History I Period 3  sms7yda
US History I Period 5  tq42vla
US History I Period 6 zhd3v60

Ms Sirman – Google voice # (973) 346-2654

Wold History Honors 9th Grade~1st period –  qglgrzc
World History 9th Grade ~3rd period- mun7abs
Genocide Studies 11&12th Grades ~4th period – 7scqa7i
World History 9th Grade ~5th period –  dmcp3lj
Genocide Holocaust Studies 11th-12th Grades ~8th period – 372gq7v

Ms. Tenn 

World Hist P1: 
World Hist P2: yic4n4r
Af Am P3:  6c5hayv
World Hist P6:  ldos2sp
Af Am P8:  zryhnk4