Franklin School is a Pre-Kindergarten to Fourth Grade school located in the North Ward section of the city of Newark.  We are a member of the North Region of the Newark Public School.  Built in 1889, Franklin School is located in a predominantly Hispanic community.  We house one of the largest Bilingual Education and Dual Language Program in the district with the majority of our students coming from homes where Spanish is the first language.

Franklin School currently has two Pre-Kindergarten classes, five Kindergarten classes, five First Grade classes, four Second Grade classes, four Third Grade classes, four Fourth Grade classes and eight self-contained Special Education classes spanning from Pre-Kindergarten to Fourth Grade.  Within these classes, seven classes follow the Dual Language Program, which stemmed from a Title VII five-year Compensatory Education Grant award to Franklin School in 1998.

Our school goals for this 2013-2014 academic year include increased teacher accountability and data-driven instruction. Grade level meetings and staff development opportunities will provide teachers with the knowledge and tools needed to use both summative and formative assessment data to improve our school academic performance, inform classroom instruction, and to advance learning both individually and collaboratively.

Franklin School is proud of it staff, students, and parents.  We seek to build on the strengths of our school community. With high expectations for all of our students, we are aiming to become a leading model of an effective school in the city of Newark.  By identifying the strengths and talents of each member of our school community, we will be able to provide a nuturing successful curriculum and school experience.  Our staff, administrators and community are engaged in this educational effort, ensuring that everyone learns!