WEBEX Video Conferencing

Please be advised that the district has adopted Cisco Webex as the standard solution for Video Conferencing and as an added component to the district’s other remote learning platforms including Google Classroom.   All technical phases of the implementation including the implementation of Single Sign-On capability integrated with Active Directory have been completed and the solution is now in full production.   The platform has been tested on multiple client machines including Chromebooks, Windows machines, MACs, iPhones, Android, etc.  The key components of the system include the ability for teachers and students to login to the platform using their district network credentials (no need for personal passwords), ability to share screens and content, robust engine with the ability to handle up to 1000 connections per session, teachers’ ability to fully control virtual classrooms (students can’t control or disrupt sessions), ability to record sessions if desired,  ability to engage in live communication using audio, video and chat, ability to generate detailed usage report district-wide, ability to schedule different types of sessions including recurring daily and weekly sessions, the inclusion of Webex Teams as a platform for group collaboration, etc.
Please note that a dedicated portal has been devised for the district’s instance of Webex and users can simply access the platform by going to the district’s portal at  https://nboe.webex.com using any browser.   Alternatively, users can download the Webex App for iPhone and Android devices from Apple and Google App Stores if they desire to access the platform using their phones.  Please further note that for students using managed iPads in schools such as Hawkins, Hawthorne and Dr. Horton, the Webex app for iPad has been pushed to those devices through our Jamf management platform and those students will get the software the next time they turn on their devices.  Additionally, the Webex plug-in for the Chrome Browser has been enabled.
Please see the attached guide for accessing and using the Webex Video Conferencing and Collaboration platform.  For a quick introduction to Webex, you may also watch the video at  https://youtu.be/bV4U5U-fpPg?list=PLp2omeKzECDtmTmXaFIP2JDGzUGvlDEGy.

Directions  for accessing and using the Webex Video Conferencing for Host and Attendees: