Victor De Souza

Our student of the month is Victor De Souza, a freshman.  Victor  was born in Saint James Hospital in 2004 to Luciana Souza and Wilson Coelho.  Victor has two other siblings and went to Ann Street Elementary school, where he was active in a number of clubs.

Victor came to East Side as a 9th grader, where he is enrolled in all honors classes.  His current GPA is 4.1 and he is always on the Super Honor Roll.  He participates in many clubs such as The Student Council, The Animation Club, and he has plan of  joining the boys volleyball team in the spring.

He has many interests such as soccer and playing the drums; mostly in his church.  Victor was chosen as Student of the Month for his kindness, intelligence and always being there for his peers,  he is always the first to volunteer when someone needs help.   Victor plans on going to college and possibly majoring in film production.