Gabriel Margaca, our presumptive valedictorian of the Class of 2019 has just been matched by the QuestBridge Foundation to attend Dartmouth College, an Ivy League School, on a full scholarship.  The QuestBridge National College Match is a college and scholarship application process that helps outstanding low-income high school seniors gain admission and full four-year scholarships to the nation’s most selective colleges.  His academic excellence includes all Honors and AP classes with a Cumulative GPA of over 4.5.  In fact, this year, Gabriel took advantage of our IB program and took an IB class as well.   Gabriel had visited Dartmouth through East Side’s Student Council two years ago and was very impressed by this very prestigious college.  He fell in love with this school.  Once he became a QuestBridge finalist, Dartmouth was on the top of his list. Gabriel is one of 25 students who has been matched through QuestBridge to Dartmouth.  This is quite an accomplishment and his East Side family could not be happier and prouder of him. 

     Gabriel is a graduate of Oliver Street School and East Side was his first pick to attend.  He is so glad that he did.  Gabriel is not only defined by his academic excellence but also his commitment to our school and community.  Gabriel is so proud to be an East Sider and it shows.  Gabriel is President of the Student Council, Vice President of the Honor Society and a host of other activities where he shows his leadership in promoting and helping anyone in need. Gabriel is also a scholar athletic by being the Co-Captain of our Golf Team.  So, Gabriel is the total package.  His brilliant, leadership and compassion will serve him well.  Congratulations to Gabriel Margaca for your QuestBridge Match and good luck at Dartmouth College next year.  You will continue being the best ambassador of East Side High School.  



      Natalie Fernandez, our salutatorian for the Class of 2019 has also been matched by the QuestBridge Foundation to attend University of Notre Dame on a full four-year scholarship.  Last year, Natalie went on a Student Council trip to visit Notre Dame and this opened the possibility of attending the most beautiful campus that she had ever visited.  So, once she became a QuestBridge finalist she put Notre Dame at the top of her list.  Notre Dame only accepts 42 QuestBridge Matches a year and our Natalie was one of them.  This is a dream come true for any student.  Notre Dame is very expensive and QuestBridge will pay the total tuition for four years. So, East Side provided the tools for Natalie to succeed.   Natalie’s academic achievement includes all Honors and AP classes with a cumulative GPA of 4.5 along with highs scores on her AP placement tests.   

Natalie is a graduate of Hawkins Street School.   Her accomplishments in and out of the classroom is remarkable. QuestBridge only selects students who are the total package. Natalie has a host of extra curricular activities  and community service projects  Natalie is a member of our National Honor Society where she was elected treasurer this year.  She is  the  Secretary to the Student Council, a member of UN, the Anatomy Club, and Public Speaking.  She joined the Robotics Club in her sophmore year and fell in love with it and is now the driver and Co-Captain of the Club. Natalie has a generous spirit and has always given back to her school and community. She has raised money for breast cancer, was active in fundraising for Hurricane Harvey and Maria,  worked at a Food Bank,  Habitat for Humanity and countless other initiatives.  The one that stands out is what she did over one summer.  She returned to DR to help out victims from  the hurricane.  She went into the mountains where her family is from to give medical aide to the elderly and helped bring supplies to them.  So, Natalie is very well rounded and we are so excited for her to attend the University of Notre Dame on a full scholarship.

Congratulations .