Os Academicos Literary Magazine

Os Academicos Literary Magazine


  • To provide students of Portuguese with a forum to express their feelings, emotions and thoughts utilizing literary formats;
  • To encourage students to read, discuss and analyze works and authors (Portuguese language);
  • To expand the intellectual scope of the students;
  • To provide an opportunity for the students to learn how to put a magazine together;
  • To develop journalistic and linguistic skills by writing articles, interviewing people of interest; etc.;
  • To divulge the literary culture of the Portuguese Speaking Countries;


Club/Activity meetings:  Day(s) of the week:  (  ) Monday    ( ) Tuesday

(  )  Wednesday ( x ) Thursday   (  ) Friday

Time   2.50 – 3.50                                                      

 Other:   (Jan- Feb_)_____       Weekly                   Bi-weekly___X__