Oluwaloba David Jacobs

Representing the Class of 2018 is our senior of the month, Mr. Oluwaloba David Jacobs who happens to be 15 years old.  Yes, 15 years old in the senior class and will be graduating at 15.  David has a remarkable story.  David was born in the US but returned to Nigeria to be raised with his three sisters.  He returned to the US when he was 13 years old to live with grandmother in Newark, Nj and was placed as a junior at East Side High School.  He finished his junior year with all As and 2 A + .  So, in his senior year, he was given AP and Honor classes.  He has a cumulative GPA of 3.9 and is presently ranked 6th in his senior class.  He has been accepted to all of his universities and wants to become a mechanical engineer.  But his academic excellence is only half his story.  David is one of the kindest, generous, well mannered, giving students at East Side. He is always willing to help out his classmates’ whether with a problem or helping them fill out their college applications.  This is part of who he is.  And we are so grateful to have this wonderful person as an East Sider.  So, congratulations to David Jacobs as our Outstanding Senior of the Month.