Mrs. Tracy Tucker

Our first retiree is Mrs. Tracy Tucker, a legend here at East Side.  Her work with our special needs students has been exemplary.  Here is a little background into Ms. Tucker’s life.  She was educated in the Jersey City public school system. When she was in the 5th grade, she was selected by her teacher to spend time with kindergartners reading stories and singing songs.  As a result of that experience it became her dream to one day become a teacher.  So, in 1984 Mrs. Tucker made her dream a reality and Mrs. Tucker came to East Side High school as a teacher.

She has had the pleasure of visiting or walking through nearly every room, every stairwell, every hallway, and every office here at East Side.  She has conversed with and found people she is proud to consider a part of her family.   She has been blessed to work with former students inside this building, as well as outside in the community or during their visits to East Side High, and has been proud to have had the opportunity to teach some of her former student’s children.  She can honestly say that she has enjoyed teaching an awesome group of young men and women who just needed someone to care, listen, and show them the skills and gifts that they already had within and how to use it in a productive way with the new knowledge acquired in school.

Mrs. Tucker’s most important accomplishments in life was realizing that JESUS is the way the truth and life.   She is married to her soul-mate, and they have four children and ten grandchildren and and a loving relationship that engulfs their family. She lives by this motto, “Never tire of doing what is right” (by GOD) and “children learn what they live.” 

Ms. Tucker will be sorely missed by all of us.  Thank you for your 34 years of warm, dedicated service and for making East Side a better place for all of us.