Principal Michael West

Dear East Side Family,

This school year East Side High School had the two top Newark Public Schools senior  graduates 4.5 GPA(Dartmouth University and Notre Dame University), 431 total graduates-the most in 20 years and 17 students graduate earn their associate’s degree from Essex County College. Also, over 100 students received the State of New Jersey Seal of Biliteracy. Moreover, a hundred plus students completed career oriented internships as part of innovative Big Picture Academy. Additionally, East Side High School added another New Jersey State Championship in Boys Basketball and an SEC Conference Championship in Boys Volleyball-first time in school history and a Newark city championship in girl’s softball. And, let us not forget the amazing performances of West Side Story by the performing arts department. Finally, East Side High School celebrated LGBTQ Pride month with an unveiling of the Pride flag in our school auditorium. 

A Great Year for a Great School!

Thank you for the opportunity to serve as your Principal.

Once an East Sider always an East Sider!

Enjoy your summer.

Mr. West