Mr. Carlos Filian

Our staff person of the month is a former graduate of East Side High school, Mr. Carlos Filian.  Mr. Filian was born in what was Saint James Hospital in the Ironbound Section of Newark to Ecuadorian parents who immigrated to the US in search of a better future for their children. He went to Ann Street School and then to East Side High School where he graduated in 1996. He got a two-day break and then moved on to the summer program at Rutgers Newark. It was there that Mr. Filian received degrees in English and Psychology.

In 2013, Mr. Filian decided that he had enough of the corporate world and decided to seek employment as a teacher at his alma mater, East Side in order to help out kids that were similar in background to himself; of immigrant parents and limited financial resources, in order to help them achieve the accomplishments usually saved for those with access to more resources.

Mr. Filian began teaching in the Talent Development program and moved into mainstream classes and ultimately accepted the position as Dean of Culture and Climate in order to try and help as many students as possible and not to, as the kids say ” just give detention “.

In his spare time, Mr. Filian enjoys working out, practicing and teaching martial arts, reading and watching movies. Mr. Filian has said that it is an honor to be selected as staff member of the month because he was chosen by the students. and for all those that did not vote for him he will be handing out detentions.

So, Congratulations to Mr. Carlos Filian for being selected our Staff person of the Month.