Mr. Alex Diaz

Our staff person of the month comes from our Science department again.  Our students recognize all of the wonderful teachers they have had in our science department,  so they decided to honor another one of their finest.  Mr. Alex Diaz is being recognized as our staff person of the month.

Mr. Diaz was born in Livingston and raised in Clifton, NJ by his Cuban mother and father, who also attended East Side High School, in the 60s. Mr. Diaz attended Rutgers University for his Bachelor’s Degree and then Montclair State University for his Master’s Degree from the Montclair Urban Teacher Residency Program. He was a resident at East Side High School during his Master’s program and has been teaching general education and bilingual science courses for the past seven years. Mr. Diaz believes that every student should feel accepted and challenged in the classroom. His focus is on ensuring that students develop the skills and the abilities they need to make meaningful and well informed decisions about their lives. Mr. Diaz still lives in Clifton and has been happily married for almost five years. In his spare time, he enjoys spending time with loved ones, running, hiking, dancing, programming, designing and playing video games.

We are lucky to have such a dedicated teacher as Mr. Diaz. His commitment to our students and school has been commendable.  So, congratulations to Mr. Alex Diaz for being recognized as our Staff person of the Month.