Luisa Gomes

Our first outstanding student of the month who makes East Side a better place is junior, Luisa Gomes, an outstanding student with a cumulative GPA of 4.2 with all Honor and AP classes. She is presently ranked fourth in her junior class.  But this is only part of her story.   Luisa was chosen for her kindness and good natured ability.    Luisa came to the US from Portugal when she was 11 years old.  She attended Lafayette Street School where she would help translate and communicate with parents who did not know English.  Her love for school started to grow.  She loved helping out others and this has continued at East Side High school.  Luisa is first to volunteer whether it is Food Bank or helping out at Open House.  Luisa is a member of the Robotic Team and even tutors young children after school.  Her dream is become a neuroscientist while inspiring young people to follow their dreams.   Congratulations to Luisa Gomes for being selected as our student of the month.