Leslie Martinez

Representing the Class of 2018 is our senior of the month, Leslie Martinez.    Leslie has a current cumulative GPA of 3.89 and is ranked 15th out of 418 seniors. Leslie has an inspirational story.  She was born in Newark and graduated from Wilson Ave School.  She came to East Side and was placed in our Special Needs Department where she has made Honor Roll every cycle.  She has been on the girls’ soccer team for four years.  In her senior year, she was given ECC classes where she has done so well.  She plans on going to either to Kean or Montclair State to pursue a degree in Speech Pathology.  She is well liked by her peers and in spite of any hardships; she always does her best.  She is a hero among us.  There is nothing that will hold her back.  So, congratulations to Leslie Martinez for being selected our senior of the month.