Lauren Prates

Our student of the month is a junior Lauren Prates.  Lauren is one of the most active and hardworking students at East Side.  Lauren represents East Side at the Newark Student Union where she discusses alternate policies with other students from other schools in hopes of making positive change in our district of Newark, all while keeping a cumulative grade point average of 4.1 with all Honors and AP classes.  Lauren was also selected to be a member of the CHAD foundation and is on the executive board of our Student Council.  She recently joined the East Side Debate team, where she is already gain recognition in national tournaments and is making a name for herself.  She is motivated and determined to get the most out of her high school years.  She has grasped every opportunity and have done her best each and every time.  Besides these outstanding contributions, Lauren is kind, outgoing, and compassionate and this is why she represents the best of East Side.  So, congratulations to Lauren Prates for being selected as Student of the Month.