Jennifer Gann

Our second honoree as staff person for the month of May is Mrs. Jennifer Gann, our social worker.   Our students refer to her as their second Mom.  She usually has a line of students in front of her office every morning  waiting just to say hi and check in with her. Ms. Gann has been a part of the Newark Public Schools for twenty years.  Prior to coming to East Side five years ago, Mrs. Gann worked at Barringer High school for fourteen years.  She is a graduate of the NYU Master’s program in Social Work.  Her prior experience also includes working with mentally ill drug addicts and alcoholics.

Mrs. Gann is married to her high school boyfriend and has two sons. She loves her job and more importantly enjoys fostering relationships with the students she sees on a daily basis.   She is here to assist students with any challenge that may arise and provides support and guidance when necessary.   She is one of the support staff members here at East Side and can be found in room 208.  Her children and the students here keep her young.  So, congratulations to Mrs. Jenn Gann for making our school a better place for all of us.